Urbana-Champaign community celebrates Alma Mater's birthday

The rededication ceremony took place on June 6 to celebrate Alma's return to campus and her upcoming 85th birthday.

by Abrar Al-Heeti

Champaign-Urbana community members attended the Alma Mater’s Rededication Ceremony on Friday morning at Alma Mater Plaza in Urbana. The ceremony was held in honor of Alma’s 85th birthday on June 11 and served as a way to formally rededicate the restored sculpture to the University and community.

Chancellor Phyllis Wise emphasized the iconic importance of the Alma Mater to University students and alumni when she spoke at the ceremony.

“Labor, Learning and Alma welcome people on the very first day that they get here, and they also send off our students as they leave,” she said.

Wise also thanked those who helped in the restoration efforts and who financially supported the endeavor.

“The work that was done was extensive and exacting, and none would be possible without the donors who made it possible for us to do the job the right way,” Wise said. “Alma’s restoration, appropriately, was paid for by her family and not by state funds or tuition.”

Jean Bandler, granddaughter of Lorado Taft, the sculptor who created the Alma Mater, also spoke at the event.

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