Alumni Achievement Award
The Alumni Achievement Award, established in 1957, is presented to those alumni who have attained outstanding success and national or international distinction in their chosen profession or life’s work, and whose accomplishments reflect admirably on, or bring honor to, their Alma Mater.

Nick Holonyak Jr. ’50 ENG, MS ’51 ENG, PHD ’54 ENG, is honored for his pioneering and world-renowned achievements in optoelectronics that facilitate conversion between electricity and light.



Sylvia Puente MS ’80 LAS, is honored for her national leadership and impact on improving educational quality and access, as well as social equality issues, for the Latino community through policy analysis and advocacy.



Don B. Wilmeth Phd ’64 LAS, is honored for a distinguished, 
40-year career as one of the most productive and renowned historians of American theater and popular entertainment.





Alumni Humanitarian Award
The Alumni Humanitarian Award, established in 2001, is presented to alumni who, through their outstanding professional contributions and/or volunteer leadership, have significantly improved or enriched the lives of others and the welfare of humanity, on a national or international scale.

Molly Jane Melching ’71 LAS, MA ’79 LAS, is honored for her work in empowering communities in Senegal, and elsewhere, to develop literacy and skills training programs, reduce infant and maternal mortality rates, increase school and birth registrations, and foster human rights and female leadership.




Distinguished Service Award
The Distinguished Service Award, established in 1972, is presented to individuals or couples whose consistent, exceptional and meritorious service to the University of Illinois has made a significant impact on the institution’s overall welfare and the advancement of its mission.

Dale H. Flach ’59 ED, EDM ’64 ED, is honored for his insight and innovation in developing programs that continue to serve—well beyond his career tenure—not only the University of Illinois but also communities throughout the state.



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