UI Trustee Chair, President Make A Strong Case for the University

Kennedy, Hogan advocate value of University to Legislature, Business and Community Leaders

UI Trustee Chair Christopher Kennedy delivered compelling remarks to a packed audience at The City Club of Chicago, a non-profit, non-partisan organization whose members include prominent business, civic and government leaders in Chicago.  Trustee Kennedy highlighted the University of Illinois’ unique role in Chicago and in the state.   Kennedy argued that perhaps “the only perpetual job creation activity a government can engage in is funding academic research institutions..like the University of Illinois.”   To see the Chairman’s address, go to http://www.blip.tv/file/4834715


President Michael Hogan also advocated for the University as he appeared before a state Senate Appropriations Committee. His statement and testimony served "to articulate the 'value proposition'... of the state's investment in the University of Illinois" in a clear and convincing fashion. Please take a quick look at a his personal summary of this  persuasive testimony:


As a public research institution, the University of Illinois’ financial future is determined in large part by state and federal funding.  Illinois Governor Quinn submitted his budget recommendation for U of I last month, but over the next few months, the General Assembly will determine its final funding allocation.  Despite new income and corporate tax increases, the state is still facing a projected $13 billion deficit and will be forced to make budget cuts.


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