Suze Orman's Top 5 Money Tips for 2011

UI alumna Suze Orman (B.A. '76 Social Work) on taking control of your money and the higher value of using credit cards issued by credit unions: "Everyone should have a credit card at a credit union."

By Dave Carpenter, AP Personal Finance Writer

CHICAGO (AP) — Suze Orman's financial pep talks carry consistent themes: Attack your debt. Have a plan for retirement. Take control of your money.

Orman hasn't remained the nation's best-known purveyor of personal finance advice by sticking to the same script through boom and bust, however.

Yes, it's the South Side of Chicago native's powerful, empathetic delivery, often accompanied by a wagging finger, that makes her persuasive. And multitudes keep tuning in to her CNBC-TV show and buying her books because of her knack for talking people through the changes in the economy.

 Read more about Suze Orman's tips and the value of credit cards issued by credit unions at The MainStreet NewsLetter:


 The University of Illinois Alumni Association (UIAA) and the University of Illinois Employees Credit Union (UIECU) are celebrating the successful first year of the Official VISA Card of the University of Illinois. In July 2010, UIAA selected the member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution that has served University of Illinois families for nearly 80 years, to provide an Illinois-branded VISA credit card to its 625,000 members. The endorsement replaced a 19-year relationship with MBNA and its successor, Bank of America.

The UIAA believed UIECU could provide better credit card terms and service to their alumni than the major banks that have traditionally sponsored such affinity programs. They were right. In the first eight months of the program, the new UIAA/UIECU partnership issued more University of Illinois-branded credit cards than any college or university during the previous calendar year nationwide.

Find out how you can obtain the Official Credit Card of the University of Illinois at

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