Take action today in support of UI research funding

Within the week, the U.S. Congress will vote on next year’s funding levels for federal research.

As an alumnus or friend of the University of Illinois, I’m writing to ask that you take action to help preserve the excellence of this great institution.

Within the week, the U.S. Congress will vote on next year’s funding levels for federal research. Please contact your legislators today through the UI Alumni Association’s online advocacy network and ask them to continue to invest in federal research funding.

The University of Illinois is one of the top five recipients of federal research funds among U.S. public research institutions. Discoveries at the U of I include transistors, the first Web browser, LEDs, plasma technology for televisions, contemporary methods for building skyscrapers and MRI technologies. In health care, researchers have made important advances in the understanding of breast cancer, stomach cancer and lymphoma -- as well as in combating HIV/AIDS, achieving insulin independence in diabetes patients, and identifying better treatment for brain injuries.

It is critical that the federal government continue to invest in research. Our nation must reduce budget deficits in smart and strategic ways that do not compromise our future economic growth and security. We should not cut spending in areas critical to our nation’s ability to innovate, compete and grow our economy.

Why is federal research funding important?
- Federal research funding helps drive the discoveries that allow the state of Illinois and the United States to compete in the world market.
- Public universities are economic engines for their states and aid the nation’s economic recovery.
- On average, every $1 million in National Institute of Health (NIH) research funding generates about 18 jobs. With an annual NIH research expenditure of more than $200 million, NIH awards to UI researchers support an estimated 3,600 jobs each year.
- The U of I is one of the nation’s premier public research institutions with a track record of creating new knowledge and solving profound national challenges.

Please ask your federal representative and senators to support stable and sustained research funding in the areas of health, technology and energy.

Log onto UIAA’s Illinois Connection online system to contact your federal officials. Just click on “Take Action” to sign in, and you will find your legislators, talking points and sample letters –- or you can send your own, personal note. It only takes a minute to contact your legislators, but your action can make a big difference for the U of I.

Thank you for taking action today and for your ongoing support.


Loren R. Taylor
President and CEO
University of Illinois Alumni Association

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