Hogan apologizes to faculty for email scandal

University of Illinois President Michael Hogan told campus leaders Monday that he was sorry about the recent scandal involving anonymous emails sent to faculty members from his former chief of staff and he accepted responsibility for what happened.

From Champaign News-Gazette:

"I sincerely regret the incident, the personal hardship it has caused to our senators and others, and the embarrassment it has brought to the university. As president, of course, I accept full responsibility for this and for any other such incident that occurs," Hogan told members of the Urbana-Champaign Senate Executive Committee on Monday afternoon.

Hogan made the remarks in a crowded room of faculty, student and academic staff leaders, at a regularly scheduled meeting during which he delivered a state of the university speech. It was the first time senate leaders had met with Hogan since the university released the findings of an external investigation that concluded Lisa Troyer, Hogan's chief of staff at the time, was behind the anonymous emails sent to faculty leaders. She resigned amid the investigation but has denied sending the messages, which focused on the University Senates Conference's debate on enrollment management and attempted to persuade faculty from coming to a consensus on the issue.

Read more: http://www.news-gazette.com/news/education/2012-01-24/hogan-apologizes-faculty-email-scandal.html



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