Rockford Illini Club Radio Interview Series Begins

Tricia Barker of National Center for Supercomputing on the air with WROK News Talk 1440, Nov. 26 at 7:50 a.m.

On November 26 at 7:50am, listen in as Tricia Barker of the National Center for Supercomputing at the University of Illinois is interviewed on WROK.  Tricia will talk about the Blue Waters Supercomputing Project at the NCSA, boasting a computer capable of operating at 11.3 petaflops (that's 11.3 QUADRILLION calculations per SECOND).  That makes Blue Waters the third fastest super computer in the U.S., behind two classified computers at the Department of Energy.  

Tune in and learn more during the first of many interviews to come in our revamped interview series with WROK.  If you are unable to get to a radio, you can listen to the broadcast streaming on your computer by clicking the "Listen Live" link at 

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