$30 million research center will be based at UI

A proposal for a research center based at the University of Illinois has been awarded $30 million over the next five years, with $12.5 million of that expected to flow to the local campus.

From news-gazette.com:

The new SONIC center — short for Systems on Nanoscale Information fabriCs — will be directed by Naresh Shanbhag, a UI professor of electrical and computer engineering.

The multidisciplinary center will draw expertise from eight universities — Illinois, Stanford, Michigan, Princeton, Carnegie-Mellon and the University of California campuses at Berkeley, San Diego and Santa Barbara.

Nearly two dozen faculty members will be involved across the campuses.

SONIC will concentrate on building complicated systems out of next-generation circuit technology, said Andrew Singer, a colleague of Shanbhag who will be a team leader within the center.

Read more:  http://www.news-gazette.com/news/technology/2012-11-01/30-million-research-center-will-be-based-ui.html

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