I'm urging you to take action today on behalf of the University of Illinois.
Cliff-dive.  That’s what will happen to our economy if Congress fails to agree on a long-term deficit reduction before it recesses for the holidays and sends our state and nation over the “fiscal cliff.” At stake: billions of dollars in scientific research funding that helps our nation solve grand challenges and leads to new technologies, new jobs, and economic development. The University of Illinois alone could lose up to $45 million in federal research funding through across-the-board spending cuts known as "sequestration."
The debt crisis is real, and the University of Illinois knows that our nation must reduce spending. But indiscriminate budget cuts that slash research and development are not the answer.  Instead, Congress must work together to reduce the deficit in smart ways that do not compromise economic growth.

We have a proud tradition of research at the University of Illinois: 26 Nobel Prizes; life-saving advances like the MRI; revolutionary discoveries in electronics like the transistor and the LED; and breakthroughs in treatments for AIDS, Alzheimer’s and cancer.  Our legacy is at stake. If our nation slashes research now, our star faculty could be lured away to countries that are doubling down.

This is where you come in. 

Please take one minute now to write your U.S. senators and representative through the Illinois Connection website.  Tell them about our research legacy and what is at stake.  Urge them to talk to their leaders and take action to avert the fiscal cliff. 

**You can use our form letter and will be linked directly to your legislators via email.
Whether you live in Illinois or in another state or territory, your federal representatives need to know that you care about higher education and research funding. 

Thank you for your advocacy, your passion, and your loyalty to the University of Illinois.


Amy Eichhorst
Vice President, Alumni Advocacy & Outreach
University of Illinois Alumni Association


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