Yankee star gives back to UIC and more

What New York Yankee Curtis Granderson is doing for his alma mater, the University of Illinois Chicago, should be front page news and lead sportscasts.

From www.wbez.org:

It seems like we are always inundated with negative stories in sports and when there is a positive story it gets minimized.  Last summer I wrote about the Chicago native and discovered what a thoughtful, giving young man he is. Now he is giving more. Last week when the Flames retired Curtis' jersey, he revealed a plan to renovate the school's baseball field and facilities.

Granderson will use millions of his own dollars to update many facets of the stadium and fields, including the press box, stands, pitching mound and more. It is not just the school he will be aiding. It will be the community as a whole that will benefit from this generous gift.  This two year plan to upgrade the facilities will include allowing various youth teams in the city the opportunity to use the stadium. Chicago Public Schools, the Park District, the RBI Reviving Baseball in Inner cities program (RBI), Urban Youth Academy, the White Sox and Cubs youth baseball teams can play there free of charge.

Read more: http://www.wbez.org/blogs/cheryl-raye-stout/2013-02/yankee-star-gives-back-u-i-c-and-more-105442



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