Illinois Students, faculty lobby lawmakers for budget support at UI Capitol Day

University students, alumni, faculty and staff played the role of lobbyists Wednesday on Capitol Day as over 100 representatives from the three campuses descended on the Capitol Complex in Springfield.


The lobbyists’ No. 1 task: Ask lawmakers for $33 million more for the University in fiscal year 2014.

University President Robert Easter said Illinois Connection, the fourth annual lobby day, which was organized by the University of Illinois Alumni Association’s advocacy group, is a day to remind the Illinois government of the University’s value to the state.

“If you look at (University alumni) and their accomplishments ... you can see the transformative power of the University that’s enabled them to do things,” he said.

Easter and Illinois Connection leaders said the University cannot move forward with the state’s current proposed appropriation of $634.4 million to the University for fiscal year 2014. According to the UIAA — adjusted for inflation — this figure is below 1965 levels, and in actual dollars it’s around the same amount as 1997.

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