Lincoln sculpture takes a seat at UI's Alice Campbell Alumni Center

A life-sized sculpture of Abraham Lincoln has taken up permanent residency in front of the Alice Campbell Alumni Center.

The Alice Campbell Alumni Center, home to the University of Illinois Alumni Association on the university’s Urbana campus, has a historic, permanent guest taking up residence in front of the facility on -- of all things -- Lincoln Avenue.


It is a life-sized sculpture of none other than Abraham Lincoln, seated comfortably on a bench and holding notes from the last paragraph of his 1865 second inaugural address, etched in bronze and in his handwriting, that begins: “With malice toward none; with charity for all. …”


“Lincoln” by Colorado sculptor Mark Lundeen is a gift to the Alumni Association by Gail Kellogg, a 1965 UI graduate and former member of the organization’s Board of Directors. She is a retired partner with and consultant to Hewitt Associates, a global resources consulting and outsourcing firm, and lives in Steamboat Springs, Colo., and Chicago.


“I had put it into my will because I thought the University [of Illinois] should have it,” Kellogg said. “When I came to campus last fall and saw [the newly renovated] Lincoln Hall, I thought: What are you waiting for?”


The bronze and ironwood artwork is situated at the east entrance of the Alice Campbell Alumni Center, 601 S. Lincoln Ave., and is expected to quickly become another photo opportunity/destination for students, alumni and other visitors.


“The Alice Campbell Alumni Center is a place where all alumni can come back to the university and feel welcome and at home,” Alumni Association President and CEO Loren R. Taylor said. “Gail’s generosity adds an appropriate presence that will only enhance the loyalty and pride alumni have for the university – and that future alumni will have.”


 “[The sculpture] is very human and approachable, so I hope it will pique people’s interest in Abraham Lincoln, his writings, and all he said and did,” Kellogg added. “I also hope people find it wonderful and fun. I hope they sit on the bench with him, take pictures with their kids, and enjoy interacting with it.”


This is not the first sculpture on the campus by a member of the Lundeen family.  The large bronze statue of Illini football great, Harold “Red” Grange, on the west side of Memorial Stadium was created by Mark’s brother, George, a 1973 Illinois graduate in art and design.




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