UIC alumnus using Kickstarter to fundraise for Bluetooth gramophone

Pavan Bapu, a 2008 UIC graduate, hopes to raise $100,000 to “stream nostalgia.”

A UIC alumnus has created an exciting new product - a Bluetooth gramophone - with his company, Gramovox. Pavan Bapu modeled both the design and the uinique sound after the 1920s Magnavox R3 horn speaker. By Wednesday, January 1, Bapu and Gramavox are hoping to raise $100,00 through purchases on their Kickstarter page. For a pledge of $249 or more, backers in the U.S. receive a Bluetooth gramophone shipped to them for free, but, of course Gramovox is accepting donations of all levels.

To learn more about the design and manufacturing or to pledge in support of your fellow Flame, visit Gramovox Bluetooth gramophone on Kickstarter.



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